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Save and avoid losing money and customers, get a Cashbuddy POS and experience the smartest and fastest way to receive payment offline.

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Counter Fraud

Receiving and validating Bank Transfers has always been a sore to the throat due to delay in network and often fraudulent intentions of customers to make fake transfers.

Flexible Use

No tutorial or technical skills required, just your everyday smartphone.

So Safe & Secure

Avoid losing money to fake transfers and bank reversals.

Very Affordable

Turn your smartphone into a POS Terminal or get our QR POS Terminal at affordable prices below the usual POS.

Why You Should Switch To Smart POS.

We're redefining how businesses receive offline payments, our mission is to help businesses receive payments, drive revenue assurance, counter fraud and retain customers.
Join and experience the most affordable, most flexible and most inclusive way to pay and get paid as a business. .

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