We are the best

Changing the Game in your Favour

Secured Gateway

No card details required, beyond that our system is extremely secured to give you safest payment experiences.

Instant Settlement

With Buddy Pay, your earnings are settled instantly to your Merchant Accounts and you can withdraw instantly to your bank account. We beat the rest.

Lowest Fees

Cashbuddy charges 1.5% of every payment received on you receive through the Gateway, no hidden charges.

Easy Integration

Easily integrate our API, SDK or widget into your website or app and monitor your transactions from your merchant accounts dashboard.


Cashbuddy Pay for Individuals

Cashbuddy Pay let you use Cashbuddy CashCard for payment across different website and offline platforms in Nigeria, get a cashcard of the excat amount you want to pay without fear of your data being compromised, avoid credit card theft, switch to CashCard for Payment.

Your Security First

Your card details is not required, all you need is a CashCard or CashPin, you can pay as low as ₦50.

For Everybuddy and Everywhere

You can get CashCard online from your Cashbuddy Account or the CashCard App on Appstore and Playsore or from vendors offline.


Cashbuddy Pay for Merchants

Enjoy the most flexible, secured and inclusive way to received payment, Cashbuddy Pay integrates CashCard as payment option along with bank account payment, Enjoy instant disbursement and withdrawal.

Instant Settlement

Cashbuddy is the only payment gateway that offers instant settlement for Merchants, i.e. you get paid immediately your customer pays.

Lowest Fees

Cashbuddy charges 1.5% of every payment received on your behalf through the Gateway, no hidden charges.