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Accept instant Payments, Reward Customers & Grow your Business seamlessly.

Dedicated Accounts

Create virtual accounts seamlessly for all your company's subsidiaries. No paperwork. Instant settlement. No delays.


Reward your customers and fans across 5 African countries, overcome currency & location barriers with ease.

SMS & Email Marketing

Send emails and bulk SMS to your customers on one app without breaking the bank.

Bills Payment

Make payments and renew all your bills - Cable TV, utility, etc easily with BillsnPay bills Payment services.

Dispute & Resolution

It saves the client cards on file securely for an effortless checkout experience using our advanced, secure payments system.

Invoicing & Cashlink

Create track and send unlimited invoices for payment to your clients, customers, colleagues, family members etc. Create recurring invoices, receipts, and automatic reminders for your invoices.


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Send & collect money without stress

We have built tools, cards, and links needed to take your business to the next level without writing a single line of code.

Fast & Secure

Multi-Currency payment link.

Cashlink is the fastest and most convenient way to recieve momney from anyone.

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