Payments & Rewards Infrastucture For Africans and Beyond.

We are uniting people and businesses through simple, flexible and inclusive payment solutions that breaks barriers and unlock borders. You can pay or get paid and reward or get rewarded by anyone and anywhere.

Make instant payments anywhere with no change wahala.

Experience the simplest and the most flexible way to pay for Danfo, Shopping, Meals and Much More, while managing your expenses with ease.

CashCard, Smart POS & QCards.

Join thousands of businesses and individuals using Cashbuddy Cards, POS and tools to make and receive payments, reward customers and drive revenue and boost retention.

Virtual Dollar Card & Cashlink

Pay online for different products and services with Cashbuddy Virtual Dollar Card. And receive payments from anyone using just a link, Cashlink is available to businesses only.

Scan & Pay

Turn your smartphone into a POS and collect payments with ease and convenience.


Receive payments from anyone using just a link.


Reward your customers, employee and fans smartly at low cost with Cashbuddy CashCard.

Business Tools

Grow your business faster and smarter with Cashbuddy Business Tools, enjoy SMS, Email Marketing, Logistics, Invoice, Loans and other business management tools right from your dashboard.


Accept instant Payments, Reward Customers & Grow your Business seamlessly.

Reduce cost and increase value with our all inclusive payments, loyalty and business management tools for small and medium-sized enterprises.

More Details

Trusted by over 300+ clients & partners.

We partner with industry Big Players to simplify payments..

Cashbuddy is Changing the Game in your Favour.

1. Secured Transactions

We assure you the safety of your money, funds are kept safe and secure with our payment partners.

2. Flexible Options

Cashbuddy boasts of the most flexible payment options out there, everybuddy is covered.

3. Inclusive Solutions

Wether you are in Lagos city or a village in Osun, Cashbuddy has a tailored solution for you.


Satisfied Buddies

We are Building the Most Inclusive Way to Pay and Get Paid in Africa.