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A flexible and scalable solution for image your
everyday payments and transactions.

Do you buy or sell across social platforms? Explore Cashbuddy Escrow.

Simplifying how Africans pay and get paid locally and

Local & International Payments

Debit Cards for local and international Payments.

Our Visa and Mastercard dollar cards are widely accepted by Instagram, Facebook, Aliexpress, Amazon, Google, Apple and thousands of other global platforms. Make bulk, scheduled and automatically renewed your payments and subscriptions.

  • $2 Card Creation fee for both Visa & Mastercard

  • Zero monthly maintenance fee for all cards.

  • Up to 3% cashback and zero transaction fees.

Increase sales and customer retention with Cashbuddy Viral Card

You can boost your sales and revenue by over 30% using Moza by offering gift cards as an alternative way for customers to pay you, Moza will handle the development of your gift card infrastrcture as well as marketing at zero cost, yes we will not charge you for building a gift card infrastructure for your business, product or services, it's 100% free.

  • Free gift card development

    Reward single or multiple people at the same time with either a single or multiple Moza Card.

  • Free Listing on Moza Gift Cards Catalog

    You or your recepients can choose what and how you redeem Moza card .


Tomi Solanke

C.E.O Trove Finance

Cashbuddy building card infrastructure for Africa is one of the amazing innovation of the African fintech and SaaS space, the Moza Card catalog says it all.


Kola Lawal

C.E.O Leky Mills

A superb and easy-to-use reward system for businesses and individuals.



Moza User

Cashbuddy provides us with a sealess and risk-free approach to distributing rewards to our families and friends, in the most efficient way.